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5 Essential IoT Implementations in the Construction Industry

A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute, which evaluated the impact IoT could potentially have on the construction and mining industry, found that company owners could save upwards of $160 billion just by IoT Implementations in the Construction Industry. IoT in construction involves the use of internet-connected sensors which are placed around job sites or [...]
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3 Awesome Benefits of IoT in the Construction Industry in 2021

What are the Benefits of IoT in the Construction Industry? The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically changing the way the construction industry operates. There are now numerous opportunities where companies can adopt IoT technology to support construction safety, efficiency, and sustainability, almost to the point of making the impossible possible. The combination of IoT [...]
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Stormwater treatment in California

https://sunpeak.com/services/Are you worried about the heavy amount of pollutants in your stormwater treatment runoff? Or do you want to prepare your stormwater compliance measures to meet future regulations and reduce damage to the environment? Well, stormwater treatment in California not only lets you meet environmental obligations but also cuts maintenance costs by managing and reusing [...]
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6 Benefits of Using Demountable Walls in Tenant Improvement

As office spaces continue to evolve, so do the tools used to create them. In tenant improvement, demountable walls are excellent ways to create privacy, maintain space flexibility, integrate technology, and leverage sustainability, all while creating a more productive work environment. If you’re leasing commercial real estate properties such as office space, retail space, or [...]
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Green Concrete? Tips For Working With Sustainable Concrete

Concrete is the most commonly used man-made material on earth, with its versatility and durability being two of its main traits. However, despite its effectiveness, creating concrete has a notable environmental impact. For example, manufacturing cement requires high amounts of energy and water and produces as much as 7% of all carbon dioxide emissions each year. Also, it [...]
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