ADA, the path of travel/sidewalk | How to find the best ADA Compliance Contractor in California

ADA, the path of travel/sidewalk | How to find the best ADA Compliance Contractor in California

While you’re the owner of a business or a public building, you’ve got to meet the ADA law and applicable code to prevent the lawsuit and protect your customers with disabilities. Having disabilities can be of any type from limitations for seeing, hearing, walking, speaking, and working. Being one of the most ADA-compliant states, California still has thousands of ADA-related lawsuits filed in the state courts. So, if you’re the owner of a store, restaurant, healthcare facility, or apartment, you’ve got to take ADA compliance seriously by hiring an ADA compliance contractor.

What is ADA compliance, and why should you care?

Compliance with ADA means following a set of rules and code regulations to ensure those with handicaps or disabilities do not face discrimination as they go about their daily lives. However, things like ADA code regulations are not that simple.

The penalty for not meeting the accessibility requirements per California Building Code or ADA is at least $4,000 in statutory damages plus attorney’s fees. However, ADA-related lawsuits are difficult to defend, resulting in payouts from $4,000 to $6,000 penalty. So, to avoid such a nuisance, the best approach is to hire an ADA compliance contractor.

 The Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA-mandated regulations aim to prohibit discrimination based on disability. The ADA includes tons of social policies in addition to ramps and business services. So, if you’re looking to construct your new public facility or are planning to undergo a significant renovation, be sure to hire an ADA compliance contractor. The accessibility laws are sometimes confusing, but a construction contractor well-versed with ADA regulations can help apply the rules, thereby preventing punitive measures.

ADA compliance contractor will help you achieve your business full ADA accessibility, from the parking to the public access and from paving to access ramps.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted back in 1990. So, any business or public building built after 1990 has to comply with the code when it is made. However, the owners must do their best to align with older buildings, removing all barriers that are readily achievable and can be accomplished without much difficulty or expense.

ADA Compliance Contractor

How to find the best ADA Compliance contractor?

So, you see, hiring an ADA compliance contractor can make a big difference in peace of mind and focus on actual business matters. The services of an ADA compliance contractor are worth their weight. Hence, it is wiser to look for a reputable ADA contractor instead of a general contractor. When you choose an ADA compliance Contractor, you won’t have to hire someone else to make your construction pass accessibility inspection. So, as an owner of a commercial building or a business center, you can avoid any significant ADA lawsuit.

We at Sunpeak Construction proudly present our ADA compliance value-added service as a part of our company policy. We’ll help you with every detail of accessibility laws and the California State Building Code. Speak construction is your one-stop solution to accessibility issues in California. Whether it’s a concrete retrofit, a path of travel for disabled people, or a wheelchair ramp, we’ll help you in implementing an accessibility system that is entirely in line with ADA by-laws. So, call us now, and we’re always there to help.

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